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Security and data

Where is your data stored?

Our IPAAS and hosting platform is located in Microsoft Azure.
Of course, since the security of your data is paramount to us, the Microsoft Azure Data Center meets international requirements and can document an ISAE 3402 statement.
In addition, our servers are under constant surveillance by Microsoft Azure, so we have 24/7 status on our servers. Below you can read more about the technical setup around your data.

Tier classification

At Microsoft Azure, the data centre is designed based on the Tier classifications, which means that the data centre has:

  • Redundant diesel generator which switches on in the event of a power failure
  • Fire protection (aspiration system and Inergen / Argonite)
  • Redundant refrigeration system
  • UPSs that ensure stability in the current
  • Monitoring with a wide range of technical alarms and censors
  • Access control (personal access cards, finger scanner, code)
  • Video surveillance

In addition to being a Tier 3 provider, Microsoft Azure holds all required certifications such as ISO27001, ISO9001, ISO3000, ISAE3402 (+ type 2).

You can read more about Microsoft Azure here.

Back up and data storage

The backup files are stored at a different physical address than the database server and can be easily retrieved and recovered in cases of emergency. Our database servers are virtual and run in a central data warehouse, which in the event of a server crash ensures that we can easily recover the server and run on with your data as it was before the crash.

Even with the total destruction of our primary data centre, we have ensured a minimal loss of data in a maximum of one hour, and we are able to recreate your solution in the secondary data centre.

Can I get my own data?

Yes, with us there is no "vendor lock-in". Your data is yours and you will be able to receive a backup copy of it at any time.
It is also possible to regularly receive a backup copy of your data for a fee. To find out more about this, your Wedoio data manager should contact our support department via
You choose a data controller in Wedoio, as you are the data controller, and we are data processors in relation to the GDPR. Only this person can contact us about changes in your data.
Read more about GDPR and Wedoio.

Data security during transmission

Wedoio is accessed via encrypted connection (HTTPS/SSL). SSL encryption means that data sent between a registered user and Wedoio's systems is encrypted so that it is not possible to collect parts of the transmission.

You are always welcome to contact us at if you have further questions about data security in Wedoio.