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Your responsibility as a data controller

As a data controller, you have to comply with a number of obligations. Read along to get a grip of your role within the General Data Protection Regulation.

We have listed the most important and fundamental obligations which apply to your data in Wedoio to make the process more manageable for you.

It is important to point out that you are the data controller while we are the data processor. This means that you are responsible for your data in Wedoio - our role is to handle the data on your behalf.

We have published our data processing agreement on our website, of which you can download a copy of right here.

  • You are obliged to process personal information in accordance with the ordinance (disclosure obligations and consent claims)
  • You are obliged to inform the registered person about the collection of data
  • You are obliged to inform about what type of personal data will be collected
  • You are obliged to recite who is allowed to process the collected data
  • You are obliged to inform about the purpose behind the data collection
  • You have to prepare a policy for how long you will store the collected personal information
  • You have to organize and develop IT systems taking data protection into account
  • You have to be aware of whether your data is physically stored in Denmark, the EU or outside the EU. Wedoio's data is stored in Copenhagen.
  • You have to prepare records of your processing activities. In relation to Wedoio, you will have to describe how you handle collected data
  • Your systems must be set by default to promote the best possible data protection, and we offer role protection (protection of the role??)

If you are in doubt of whether your business applies to the obligations of the ordinance we recommend reading this checklist prepared by Dansk Industri (DI - Danish Industry).

The checklist contains the most important main areas of the General Data Protection Regulation so that you can ensure that you haven't missed any important obligations.

The above information is prepared in accordance with the Dansk Industri (Danish Industry), the IT Industry and Datatilsynet's (the Data Supervision's) websites.