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Intempus - Uniconta

Subscription price from €29 per month

The integration will take care of it

Automatic Synchronization of Products, Customers, Cases and Work Reports.

The integration synchronizes the simple item data from Uniconta to Intempus and retrieves approved time registrations.

The solution synchronizes between Intempus cases and Uniconta projects.

The solution checks for new creations or updates in Intempus every 15 minutes, while creations and updates in Uniconta are sent to Intempus within approx. 2 minutes.*

*Requires Wedoio Webhook plugin installed in Uniconta.

intempus uniconta computer

This is how the solution works

Get the full overview of the functions in the solution.
The solution is flexible and can be adapted as needed. Prices do not include specific customization.

Cases <-> Projects

Intempus Cases and Uniconta Projects are synchronized automatically.


Customers/Debtors are automatically synchronized between Uniconta and Intempus.

Items are synced automatically.

Items are created and maintained in Uniconta, and all relevant data is synchronized to Intempus.

Work report - Project bookkeeping

Your approved work reports are automatically synchronized from Intempus to Uniconta every 15 minutes.


When employees in Intempus are added or updated, they are synchronized directly to Uniconta.


Automate the process with Intempus - Uniconta Integration

The primary data is updated in real-time, so your Intempus and Uniconta always have fully updated and relevant information.

Customer information is updated

Customer information is updated

Customer information is automatically updated between systems in real-time.

Products are created and maintained in Uniconta

Products are created and maintained in Uniconta

The integration synchronizes the simple item data from Uniconta to Intempus.

Stock status is updated in real time

Hourly registrations are transferred directly to projects in Uniconta

Once work reports have been approved in Intempus, the data is transferred directly to Uniconta.

Sales order is created automaticall

Your data is always synchronized

With the solution, you ensure that all employees have the current information available, regardless of which system they are working on.


Worth knowing before installing the integration

Before setting up the solution in your Uniconta, we need the following:

  • Access to your Intempus account
  • Intempus API key
  • Uniconta server user (username and password)
  • Uniconta support user with full access - our support user is free to create and MUST be created under the username "Support".
  • Review of data field mapping before putting the solution into test/operation

You and your Uniconta partner should be aware that Wedoio Integrations installs a "Webhook plugin" in Uniconta based on the Uniconta "Page". In some cases, this may conflict with other Uniconta customizations made by your Uniconta partner. Wedoio Integrations has other options, but cannot take responsibility for situations where such conflicts may arise.

Before using the solution, data migration must be made. The way such a migration takes place depends on whether there is data in both systems or only in one system.

If there is data in both systems, it is a prerequisite for data migration that there's usable “key data” in both systems that enables a correct linking of the data records.

Wedoio, therefore, makes certain reservations for data migration and mapping, in connection with setting up the solution.

Wedoio has extensive experience with data migration and is happy to assist with the implementation of correct data migration in connection with the setup of the solution. However, this is done on an hourly basis. If necessary, request a quotation.