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November First - Uniconta

Subscription price from €54 per month

Simple, safe and cost-saving

Big savings on bank fees, better exchange rates and easy handling of national and international creditor payments, with fully automated bookkeeping.

The solution immediately gives you savings on bank fees and significantly better exchange rates than you normally achieve in your bank.

Everything is handled directly from Uniconta!
At the same time, you achieve great simplification of your entire creditor bookkeeping. All creditor payments can be easily and simply completed with a few clicks directly from Uniconta, without you ever having to upload or download anything from your bank.

*Requires Wedoio November First plugin installed in Uniconta and Uniconta server user.

november first uniocnta laptop
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See how to handle everything about creditor payments with November First, directly from Uniconta!

No more trouble with downloading files from the finance program and uploading them into your bank. No more worries about exchange rates, uncertain bank charges and slow international payments.
Here you get the fully automated creditor payment system.


Automate the process with November First - Uniconta Integration

Payments are automatically sent to November First, where they are either approved immediately or via the November First app.

Customer information is updated

Creditor payments can be easily managed in Uniconta

Via the custom Payment Proposal window in Uniconta, all payments are handled easily.

Products are created and maintained in Uniconta

The payment proposal is automatically sent to November First

Once you have chosen the payments you want to make, you send them easily and simply to November First - directly in Uniconta.

Stock status is updated in real time

The creditor payment is posted immediately

Once you have approved the payment proposal, the transaction is posted in Uniconta, so you have a full overview of your creditors.

Sales order is created automaticall

Payment is posted automatically

Once the payment has been completed and withdrawn from your bank via Nets, payment and fees will be posted automatically.


Worth knowing before installing the integration

Before setting up the solution in your Uniconta, we need the following information:

  • First, November First account must be created, and then the integration is activated,
  • Setup of Cash Journal, Bank Reconciliation and Financial Accounts described in our documentation,
  • Uniconta server user (username and password),
  • Uniconta support user with full access - our support user is free to create and MUST be created under the username "Support".

The solution is established by installing Wedoio's November First plugin in Uniconta. The plugin is a so-called “Page” plugin, which is why reservations are made in relation to other partner plugins that use the same type of plugin on the “Payment Proposal” page.

Instructions and guidelines for using the solution can be found in Wedoio's November First documentation.