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Integrations to freedom - Uniconta 

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Subscription price from €29 per month

The integration will take care of it

Automatic Synchronization of products, customers, cases, and work reports.

The Integration synchronizes Debitors and Creditors.
When a customer invoice is created in Ordrestyring, a copy is made in Uniconta. Creditor invoices and cost attachments are sent to Uniconta's Daybook once they have been approved in When Debitor payments are registered in Uniconta, the Debitor will be updated in so that the customer's actual balance appears the same in both systems.

*Requires Wedoio Webhook plugin installed in Uniconta.


Customer Case: RC Kongen went from 300 to 1,000+ orders with the help of Wedoio!

Watch and hear the story of how Wedoio helped RC Kongen with a complete solution for WooCommerce and Uniconta integration in cooperation with Concept Data


Automate the proces with – Uniconta Integration

Everything will happen automatically with updates from Ordrestyring every 15 minutes. The update of will take place automatically within 2 minutes.

Customer information is updated

Customer information is updated

Customer information is automatically updated between the systems in real time.

Products are created and maintained directly in Uniconta

Products are created and maintained in Uniconta

The Integration synchronizes the individual item data from Uniconta to Ordrestyring.

Creditor invoices and cost attachments are automatically transfered to Uniconta

Creditor invoices and cost attachments are transfered automatically to Uniconta.

When a Creditor invoice or a cost attachment is approved in Ordrestyring, it is automatically sent to the accounting journal in Uniconta.

Your data is always synchronized

Your data is always synchronized

With this solution you will ensure that all employees have got the most recent information available, no matter which system they work in.


Worth knowing before the installation of the integration gets started:

Before the Integration can be set up we will need the following:
  • administrator user
  • API access
  • Uniconta server user (username and password)
  • Uniconta support user with full access – our support user is free of charge to create and SHALL be created with the username "Support".

You and your Uniconta partner should be aware that Wedoio Integrations will install a “Webhook plugin” in Uniconta which is built on a Uniconta “Page”. This can in some cases conflict with other Uniconta customizations that your Uniconta partner has carried out. Wedoio Integrations got other options but will not take responsibility for situations where such conflicts may arise.

The installation price does not include master synchronization and data migration neither possible customizations that the customer may ask for.