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Shopify - Uniconta 

Subscription price from €29 per month

The integration will take care of it

Automatic synchronization of products, inventory, customers and sales orders

The integration synchronizes the individual item data from Uniconta to Shopify (item no., Item name, cost and sales price and product description).

Wedoio's Uniconta - Shopify integration supports the use of tags and product images.

Stock changes are updated from Uniconta to Shopify.

Customers and orders are synchronized from Shopify to Uniconta.

When the sales order is invoiced in Uniconta, the order is registered as completed in Shopify.*

*Requires Wedoio Webhook plugin installed in Uniconta.

shopify - uniconta integration laptop

Expansion and adaptation options

Additional functionality can be added to the integration. The individual extensions can be adapted to further specification and agreement. See descriptions and prices under the individual extensions. Prices do not include any customization.

Parcel shop ID

The integration provides the option of sending the parcel shop ID from the order in the webshop to the sales order in Uniconta if you use a shipping plugin.

Installation price: €267

Products with variants (variable products)

Uniconta has variant control on products. But the solution in Uniconta is not applicable when you have several variants of a product, and often presents challenges, especially in relation to integrations to webshops and other third-party solutions. This Wedoio integration provides the option to manage products with variants directly in Uniconta using some alternative strategies, enabling synchronization to the webshop.

This requires a specific way of handling products in Uniconta and requires a deeper understanding of the existing setup in the webshop.

Installation price: €670

Shipping price

Wedoio integration provides the option to synchronize the shipping price from the order in the webshop to the sales order in Uniconta.

We send this amount to a new field on the sales order in Uniconta, or to an existing field.

Installation price: €200


Customer Case: RC Kongenwent from 300 to 1,000+ orders with the help of Wedoio!

Watch and listen to the story of how Wedoio helped RC Kongen with a complete solution of webshop and Uniconta integration.


Automate the process with Shopify - Uniconta Integration

The primary data is updated in real-time, so your webshop and Uniconta always have fully updated and relevant information.

Customer information is updated in integration

Customer information is updated

Customer information is automatically updated between systems in real-time.

Products are created and maintained in Uniconta

Products are created and maintained in Uniconta

The integration synchronizes the simple item data from Uniconta to Shopify (item no., Item name, sales price and short/long description).

Stock status is updated in real time

Stock status is updated in real-time

When stock status changes in Uniconta, this is registered immediately and updated in the webshop.

Sales order is created automaticall

Sales order is created automatically

When a sales order is created in the webshop, it is immediately transferred to Uniconta for further processing. When the order is invoiced, it can be automatically set as "completed" in Shopify. *

* Requires Wedoio Webhook plugin installed in Uniconta.

before we get started

Worth knowing before installing the integration

Before the Integration is set up on your Shopify webshop, we will need the following:
  • Shopify administrator user, with access to create private apps,
  • Uniconta server user (username and password),
  • Uniconta support user with full access - our support user is free to create and MUST be created under the username "Support"
It also presupposes that all product data is present in Uniconta before the solution is established.
The installation price does not include master synchronization and data migration.