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Subscription price from €20 per month

Match of your card transactions

Automatic match of your card payments between Clearhaus and Uniconta.

The solution itself retrieves all transactions linked to payment and matches them with your open invoices in Uniconta.

All transactions are registered in a cash journal ready for posting. You will be notified in your email about everything that is ready for posting.


Customer Case: RC Kongen went from 300 to 1,000+ orders with the help of Wedoio!

Watch and listen to the story of how Wedoio helped RC Kongen with a complete solution with the webshop and Uniconta.


Automate the process with TransactionMatch

The primary data is updated in real-time, so your webshop and Uniconta always have fully updated and relevant information.

Dine Korttransaktioner afstemmes automatisk

Your Card Transactions are automatically reconciled

When the payout from Clearhaus is transferred to your bank account, the solution simultaneously performs TransactionMatch

Dine Kortbetalinger er altid ajour

Your Card Payments are always up to date

You make sure that you always get your card transactions updated correctly.

Du sparer tid i dit bogholderi

You save time in your bookkeeping

You save time in your bookkeeping and get rid of all manual work with TransactionMatch.

Brug din tid på det der giver mest mening

Spend your time on what is the most important for you

With good secure integrations and automation, you free up time to take care of your primary business and avoid tedious routine work.


Worth knowing before setting up the solution

Access to your payment gateway and your Clearhaus redeem account.

We recommend that a Quickpay and Clearhaus agreement be signed through Wedoio Integration. However, this is not a must, but facilitates setup and support a lot.

The solution is set up day by day.