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webCRM - Uniconta

Subscription price from €29 per month

This is how the integration works

Full flexible integration between webCRM and Uniconta, ensuring real-time customer update and order data between the systems.

The solution keeps your customer data up to date in both systems, so you always have the relevant data available both for your accounting and salespeople, with customer contact data, and contact person information.

Item information and orders are also synchronized!
Item information is automatically retrieved from Uniconta to webCRM, and deliveries are transferred as orders in Uniconta, ready for invoicing. Deliveries are updated automatically and set as completed when the order is invoiced in Uniconta. Your salespeople are always updated.

*Requires Wedoio WebHook plugin installed in Uniconta and a Uniconta server user.


Automate the process with webCRM - Uniconta Integration

Avoiding duplication of work, both systems are kept up to date with all relevant information. The solution is flexibly built on Wedoio's IPAAS solution, and can therefore be expanded and adapted to the individual company.

Customer information is updated

Organization <-> Debitors always have the same relevant information

Your active customers' data is automatically updated in both systems in real-time.

Products are created and maintained in Uniconta

Product information is maintained somewhere

Maintain product information and pricing in Uniconta in a natural way, and get the webCRM information updated automatically.

Stock status is updated in real time

Deliveries -> Sales Order

When an opportunity is set as "Won" in webCRM, a sales order will be created in Uniconta, ready for further processing and invoicing.

Sales order is created automaticall

Automatic termination of Deliveries

When a sales order is invoiced in Uniconta, the delivery is updated in webCRM, a PDF copy of the invoice is added and is automatically set to Completed.


Worth knowing before installing the integration

Before setting up the solution in your Uniconta, we need the following:

  • Access to your webCRM account
  • webCRM API key
  • Uniconta server user (username and password)
  • Uniconta support user with full access - our Support user is free to create and MUST be created under the username "Support".
  • Review of data field mapping before putting the solution into test/operation.

You and your Uniconta partner should be aware that Wedoio Integrations installs a "Webhook plugin" in Uniconta based on the Uniconta "Page". In some cases, this may conflict with other Uniconta customizations made by your Uniconta partner. Wedoio Integrations has other options, but cannot take responsibility for situations where such conflicts may arise.

Reservations are made for any data migration and mapping, in connection with setting up the solution. I.e. transferring data from one system to another, and/or linking existing data in both systems. This can be done on an hourly basis. If necessary, ask for an estimate.