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WooCommerce - Uniconta 

Subscription price from €29 per month

The integration will take care of it

Automatic synchronization of products, stock numbers, customers, and sales order

The integration synchronizes the individual item data from Uniconta to WooCommerce (item no., Item name, sales price and short/long description).

Wedoio's Uniconta - WooCommerce integration supports the use of categories and tags as well as item and gallery images.

Stock changes are updated from Uniconta to WooCommerce. Customers are synchronized both ways, and orders are synchronized from WooCommerce to Uniconta. When the sales order is invoiced in Uniconta, the order is registered as completed in WooCommerce.*

* Requires Wedoio Webhook plugin installed in Uniconta.


Extension and adaptation options

Additional functionality can be added to the integration. The individual extensions can be adapted according to further specifications and agreements. See descriptions and prices under each individual extension. Prices do not include any customization.

Customer-specific Prices

We use Uniconta's function for customer price lists directly to your WooCommerce webshop. When your customer logs in, his current prices will be displayed and used. Of course, this also applies to the calculation of special prices depending on the number of pieces etc. The function requires that the following plugins are installed, which are not included in the price:


Groups (itthinx)

Installation price: €670

This solution can be adapted to individual needs. Adjustments are NOT included in the installation price.

Cash and Invoice Customers

Wedoio's Uniconta - WooCommerce Integration handles whether your customers should be able to receive invoices or whether they should pay by credit card as soon as the order is placed.

If the payment terms in Uniconta are other than Cash, the customer will have the opportunity to choose whether they want an invoice for the purchase, or whether they want to pay in cash.

Installation price: €400

PDF on products

Wedoio's Uniconta - The WooCommerce extension provides the option to attach PDFs to Uniconta WooCommerce products.

An attachment group is set up on products in Uniconta, where the pdf is added. The product has to be saved again afterwards.

The feature requires that the following plugins be installed: Advanced Custom Fields PRO (Not included in the price)

Installation price:€267

Video on products

View product videos from youtube on your products in the webshop, directly from Uniconta.

It is your webshop's theme that will decide if and how the videos will be presented on the product pages. The solution ensures that the video's URL / code is sent to the webshop.

Depending on the theme, additional plugins may be needed in your webshop. The price does not include this.

Installation price: €267

Multiple delivery addresses

Wedoio's Uniconta - WooCommerce extension supports multiple delivery addresses per customer. This means that you can create and maintain your customer's various delivery addresses directly in Uniconta. Once created or modified, they will be synced to your WooCommerce Webshop.

Installation price: €400

Main and sub-accounts

Wedoio Uniconta - WooCommerce Integration supports main and sub-accounts. This means that your B2B customers can have a main account, and associated sub-accounts, so that more employees can order in the WooCommerce shop, and still be invoiced via the main account.

Installation price: €670

Always Free Shipping

A field is set up in the customer's account in Uniconta, where it is chosen whether the customer should always have free shipping, regardless of whether the order amount is lower than the purchase amount that is normally required, to trigger free shipping.

The feature requires the following plugins to be installed: Advanced Custom Fields PRO (not included in the installation price)

Installation price: €267

Parcel shop ID

Wedoio's Uniconta - WooCommerce integration provides the ability to send the parcel shop ID from the order in WooCommerce to the sales order in Uniconta if you use a shipping plugin.

Installation price: €267


Wedoi's package plugin provides the ability to handle products sold in packages.

Wedoio creates a custom-defined field on products in Uniconta, where the number of products sold as a unit is entered. If a product is sold in a packet of 25 pieces, WooCommerce will show in your webshop that this product can only be purchased in the range of 25 pcs. If a customer wants to buy more, the interval will increase by 25 per. amount.

Installation price: €335

Products with prices in several currencies

The option of handling multiple currencies on products from Uniconta to WooCommerce.

This requires the following plugins to be installed:

* WPML Multilingual CMS

* WooCommerce Multilingual.

Installation price: €670

Order status

Wedoio's Uniconta - WooCommerce Integration allows you to send the order status e.g. awaiting payment, processing, on hold, completed, cancelled, refunded, failed, from WooCommerce to sales orders in Uniconta.

Installation price: €267

Backorder of products

Wedoio's Uniconta - WooCommerce Integration allows specific or all products to be sold as backorders.

Wedoio sets up a checkbox on products in Uniconta. When this box is activated, the product can be purchased regardless of stock status.

This requires that the backorder feature in WooCommerce settings is enabled.

Installation price: €267

Final Discount

In Uniconta, you can specify a "final discount" in % on the Debitor if the item is marked to trigger a final discount.

Depending on the selected WooCommerce theme, the final discount can be displayed under Shopping Cart/Checkout.

Installation price: €267

B2B login

Control your customers' login for the webshop directly from Uniconta. This extension is often used together with customer-specific prices (Customer Price Lists in Uniconta) so that your B2B customers' individual prices can be displayed for them in the webshop.

Installation price: €267

Smaller orders

Wedoio's Uniconta - WooCommerce Integration allows you to add a surcharge if the order total is below the set amount in checkout. This is added on a separate line so that customers have the opportunity to see that they will be invoiced extra.

Installation price: €267

Delivery costs

Wedoio's Uniconta - WooCommerce integration allows you to synchronize delivery costs from the order in WooCommerce to the sales order in Uniconta.

We send this amount to a new field on the sales order in Uniconta, or to an existing field.

Installation price: €200

Discount when purchasing several products

Wedoio's Uniconta - WooCommerce integration offers the opportunity to provide discounts for purchases of several of the same product. For example, if you buy 1-10 pieces of the same product, then you are given a fixed price per piece. And if you buy 20-30 pieces of the same product, you're given another price per piece.

This requires that the "Customer-Specific Prices" feature is also installed.

Installation price: €267

Products with variants (variable product)

Uniconta has variant control for products. But the solution in Uniconta is not applicable when you have several variants of a product, and often presents challenges, especially in relation to integrations with webshops and other third-party solutions. This Wedoio Uniconta –WooCommerce integration allows you to manage products with variants directly in Uniconta using some alternative strategies, enabling synchronization to WooCommerce.

This requires a specific way of handling products in Uniconta and requires a deeper understanding of the existing setup in WooCommerce.

Installation price: €4995

Product information in several languages (WPML)

Wedoio's Uniconta - WooCommerce integration allows you to display product information in other languages, based on Uniconta's language layers on items.

Requires WPML plugin and subscription (not included)

Installation price: €267


Customer Case: RC Kongen went from 300 to 1000+ orders with the help of Wedoio!

Watch and hear the story of how Wedoio helped RC Kongen with a complete solution for WooCommerce and Uniconta integration.


Automate the workflow with WooCommerce - Uniconta Integration

The primary data is updated in real-time, so your webshop and Uniconta always
have fully updated and relevant information.

customer information is updated in integration

Customer information is updated

Customer information is automatically updated between systems in real-time.

Products are created and maintained in Uniconta

Products are created and maintained in Uniconta

The integration synchronizes the individual item data from Uniconta to WooCommerce (item no., Item name, sales price and short/long description).

webshop stock status is updated in real time

Stock status is updated in real-time

When stock status changes in Uniconta, this is registered immediately and updated in the webshop.

Sales order is created automatically

Sales orders are created automatically

When a sales order is created in the webshop, it is immediately transferred to Uniconta for further processing. When the order is invoiced, it can automatically be registered as "completed" in WooCommerce. *

* Requires Wedoio Webhook plugin installed in Uniconta.

Before we get started

Worth knowing before the integration installation starts:

Before the Integration can be set up on your website, we need the following:

  • WordPress administrator user,
  • FTP access to the website,
  • Uniconta server user (username and password),
  • Uniconta's "Support" user profile with full access. Our support user profile is free to create and MUST be created with the username “Support”.

You and your Uniconta partner should be aware that Wedoio Integrations installs a "Webhook plugin" in Uniconta based on the Uniconta "Page". In some cases, this may conflict with other Uniconta customizations made by your Uniconta partner. Wedoio Integrations has other options, but cannot take responsibility for situations where such conflicts may arise.

The integration does not take third party plugins and wordpress themes into account, so these must be disabled before the installation of the integration begins. If this is not possible and the integration does not work properly, an agreement will be made with the customer and further troubleshooting and development will be invoiced on an hourly basis.

This means that we want to set up the integration based on a “clean” updated WordPress/WooCommerce installation.

Once the integration is set up and afterwards approved by the customer, all themes and plugins can be activated again. If this process presents challenges for the integration, it is considered as support or further development and is billed and invoiced accordingly.

This also applies in the future when installing new plugins, etc.

It also presupposes that all product data is present in Uniconta before the solution is established.

The installation price does not include master synchronization and data migration.